Hello, I'm Dipto Karmakar!

Full Stack Developer

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Hello 👋 I'm Dipto, a full stack developer! I have 3 years of experience as a software developer! I've been working remotely as a technical support engineer for Microverse where I review code and provide technical guidance for web development students in React and Ruby on Rails. Previously, I worked as a software developer at a local company where I built desktop applications in C# and WPF.

I am looking for my next full time role in web application development. I've built many applications using Ruby on Rails and React/Redux, Node, and Django. I'm excited to deepen my skills with those frameworks, as well as learn new ones. I've also published multiple articles on freecodecamp and hackernoon.

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It's our implementation of Facebook. We use devise, OmniAuth, Rspec etc. Project is done by remotely pair programming.
Facialbook image
Ruby on Rails
Member Only
This is a collaborative project. Use custom authentication in rails
members-only image
Ruby on Rails
Book Store App
Content Management System with Two Compatible Back-ends. It's a collaborative project done by pair programming.
React Bookstore
Web Application
Video Browsers
Built this project with react. Use fetch data using YouTube API based on search query.
Video browser
Battleship Game
We’re implemented the classic game ‘Battleship’. We did TDD and for testing we used jest library
Battleship project
Weather App
It's a weather forecast site where user can search for a specific location and toggle displaying the data in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
weather app


Analyzing the algorithm to solve the “Tower of Hanoi” problem

Analyzing the algorithm to solve the “Tower of Hanoi” problem
Before moving forward, let’s talk about what the “Tower of Hanoi” problem is. Well, this is a fun puzzle game where the objective is to…
Dec 2018 - 7 min

HTML 5 & CSS 3: Bring your web design to life

HTML 5 & CSS 3: Bring your web design to life
Do you ever imagine yourself or an animal body without skeleton and other parts? it looks invisible, doesn’t it? How would it feel if a…
Oct 2018 - 4 min

My journey through the Software Development Path

My journey through the Software Development Path
So many people want to be a software developer.Many people want to walk that path. But like me, they don’t know or maybe some of them know…
Oct 2018 - 3 min