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Full Stack Developer

About me🙋

Hello 👋 I'm a programmer who cares about - programming as a craft, mentorship, diversity, inclusiveness, and empathy. Away from work, I enjoy contributing to open-source, blogging, and has even organized tech events in the past. I also exploring new things whenever I get an opportunity. I am always enthusiastic to take challenges and gain more experience with helping the company to grow its business. I am always happy to work with companies who have a clear vision.

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Foody recipe api
It's a food related app api contains all the food recipe data.
Foody Recipe API Doc View
Django REST framework
Try to mimic some features like Facebook. Use devise, OmniAuth, Rspec, etc with pair programming.
Facialbook image
Ruby on Rails
Book Store App
Content Management System with Two Compatible Back-ends. It's a collaborative project done by pair programming.
React Bookstore
Web Application
Video Browsers
Built this project with react. Use fetch data using YouTube API based on search query.
Video browser
Battleship Game
We’ve implemented the classic game ‘Battleship’. We did TDD and for testing, we used jest library
Battleship project
Weather App
It's a weather forecast site where user can search for a specific location and toggle displaying the data in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
weather app